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Ode to Love and Magic journal pipaluk poetry Aug 02, 2023

Love, like magic, is the source of many a ballad, and story. Poetry and art tries to grasp at what the mind cannot, thereby creating great works of great emotion.

We come to these works only to...

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The Cave Of Stars cave journal pipaluk poetry stars Jul 19, 2023

There is a cave of stars

Within it I feel safe

Within I light my fire

And sleep in silent grace

Within are all the stars

Of heavens taking flight

Within it I see soaring

All creatures of the night

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A Story from My Hands journal pipaluk poetry Mar 06, 2023

These veins have become soft rivers in a landscape of skin.

I look at them. Wrinkles have multiplied.

I see gnarly old tree roots and bones of the earth.

Their past was smooth and soft. The...

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