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Balance & Harmony: A Spring Equinox Breathwork & Meditation

Wednesday, March 20th, 6:00 - 7:00pm Berlin, 5:00 - 6:00pm London.
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Free Community Event

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Have you ever noticed how a meditation can have a much stronger effect when you do it in tune with movements of our sun and the seasons on our planet?

Join this event to experience a powerful breathing technique on this magical time where day and night are in balance. The breath practice is known to reduce physical stress in the body, has positive effects on mental well-being, increases mental clarity, energy, focus and can help make reactions to stress easier in the future.

A shamanic drum will be played live during the event to help you enter a meditative state and offers rhythm to deepen the experience of the breath practice. Combined with a spring equinox inspired visualization you will leave this event feeling balance and harmony. Enjoy the beautiful equilibrium between the activity of daylight and the quiet of the night.

After this day the light will grow in strength all over the northern hemisphere. This is the moment when we transition from the darkness of winter, the dreaming and visioning times, into action, implementation, and manifestation.

Five days later we will be hosting a special full moon ritual for all our members at Magic is the Key. On this day our ancestors celebrated the spring equinox to combine the strength of the sun with the tides of the moon. It's a very magical and potent day upon which we can connect with the growing creative forces of nature to help us shape a beautiful future for ourselves and the world. It is also a day to attune to peace.

Join with our free trial to experience ancient myths of our ancestors in ritual space on this special day where the energy of the moon meets the power of the sun. Draw on this potent magic for your life.

As a special thank you for being part of this group, we have made a 30% off forever discount code where you can save over 100 Euros every year on your membership. That is in addition to our free trial! Give our amazing mystery school & online magical library a try completely risk free! Sign up to get the coupon code.

If you can't make it live or want to watch the class again, don't worry. We will send you the replay and it will be available for 7 days after this event has taken place. Members have access to the replay forever in the Magic is the Key members library.

Come ride the waves of the cosmos and our earth with us!

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