Meet Serafina & Pipaluk


Sisters by birth, co-founders by choice.

We have always shared a creative spark. Upon growing up we chose very different paths in life. OneĀ of us chose the free, artisticĀ way and the other chose the fast paced startup world. Now, we have come togetherĀ with a shared vision of changing the world with magic, one life at a time.

What we have created with Magic is the Key is an online library that empowers you to craft your own spiritual practice and build your legacy for generations to come. The magic we live is the magic we pass on. By choosing to live our lives consciously we can change the world. If we start by engaging in the web of life in deeply meaningful ways and for the benefit of all, we change our lives and all the lives we touch for the better.

Keys open gateways and portals. They signify knowledge and freedom, mystery and initiation. They take us into the unknown realms and allow us to lock away that which no longer serves. Our only offering is such a key and you can claim it today for free.

The time is now!


Photocredit @ Elena Cremona