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Magic is the Key is a growing online library of sacred practices and technologies that help you connect deeply to yourself, the world and the cosmos.

By drawing on shamanism, mindfulness, contemporary self-development practices, witchcraft, sacred sciences, mystical arts and studies we empower you to craft a spiritual practice that works for your way of life.

Magic is the Key honors our deepest roots in our present world and works towards a future that we and generations to come can peacefully live in.

Receive your key and live a deeply meaningful life.

May we all thrive!


A key opens gateways and portals. It symbolizes freedom, knowledge, mystery and initiation. It stands for new beginnings and being able to lock away what no longer serves.

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Magic is the Key to...

...trusting yourself.

...living with confidence.

...health and wellbeing.

...bringing light to the unseen.

...getting to know yourself.

...peace and beauty.

...finding freedom.

...reclaiming your strengths.

...feeling connected and whole.


Get a free trial and 82% off by claiming one of only 50 beta Keys to unlock the gates of magic. You will get full access to the entire Book of Magic, with over 50 practices, ceremonies, courses and meditations with more added every week. Are you in?


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Deep in our hearts we all know that a little magic can change our lives in a big way.

Sisters by birth, co-founders by choice. Since we were little we have shared a creative spark. As we grew older we went on very different paths. One of us chose the free, artistic way and the other chose the fast paced startup world. Now, we have come together with a shared vision of making the world a better place with magic, one life at a time.