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A key opens gateways and portals. It symbolizes freedom, knowledge, mystery and new beginnings.


It is time to imagine how beautiful life can be...

The spiritual and magical practices at Magic is the Key help you connect to yourself, the world and the cosmos.

Craft your own spiritual practice that you can stick to by exploring shamanism, mindfulness, contemporary self-development practices, witchcraft, sacred sciences, mystical arts and more. 

Magic is the Key honors our roots, brings wonder to our present world, and works towards a future that we and generations to come can peacefully live in.

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A key opens gateways and portals. It symbolizes freedom, knowledge, mystery and initiation. It stands for new beginnings and being able to lock away what no longer serves.

Alternative spirituality with a strong foundation

Magic is the Key is an amazing source of wisdom, bringing a spirituality that is both grounded as well as expansive. Pipaluk has so much knowledge of various mystery traditions, which she shares in a way that is well structured and never dogmatic. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is curious about alternative spirituality witha strong foundation in the mystery traditions, but also in nature and science. Through Magic is the Key you learn to develop your own spiritual practice, which is something many of us need more than we realise.

Colina van Bemmel, Netherlands


Beautiful, magical practices from talented people

Pipaluk and Serafina have created a beautiful magical resource, filled with everything from practices in meditation and grounding, to tarot reading lessons, and it just keeps growing! They are also just genuine lovely people; their own sense of wonder shines through 💜

Becca Hopkins, Netherlands


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I absolutely love Magic is the Key

I absolutely love Magic is the Key. It's literally the only newsletter I read every time from top to bottom. Their courses are thorough as well, so that for a beginner like me it's easy to comprehend and dive in. I especially love that they're starting to introduce guest teachers now. Very excited about what's to come!

Melanie Goel, Germany


Magicisthekey truly is a precious resource...

Magicisthekey truly is a precious resource, rich with knowledge, wisdom and warmth! I'm very proud to have worked with Pipaluk and Serafina. They are such a powerful collaboration who pour passion, love and a lot of research into their work. The engaging resource library they have built is clearly well researched and presented in an accessible way, with practical exercises and meditations.

Ari Wisner, Great Britain


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Magic is the Key is a powerful and...

Magic is the Key is a powerful and extremely helpful website full of incredibly helpful resources, meditations, information and exercises. Pipaluk always makes me feel better within - it is as if she is lighting my soul with her beautiful energy. I have completed Journey to your Essence. Pipaluk's amazingly sensitive and in depth responses to my reactions to her exercises made me feel magically enabled to deal with recent challenges, as if an angel (of a lovely witch) were protecting and guiding me, and those around me. I have come to value greatly Pipaluk's wonderful work as it grounds me, makes me see the best in people, and connects me with a wider conscience. It is as if she encapsulates all the goodness in the world, and transfers that on to us, lesser mortals. In times like these, this is a great gift. I am extremely grateful to have her, and Serafina, in my life. Thank you for everything.

Lurdes Hope, Great Britain


Is your key to magic

This amazing platform focuses on magical practices and spiritual growth. It offers you a wide range of content such as shamanism, witchcraft and other mystical arts. It helps you craft your own personalized practices. With your membership you can attend live/online events and receive regular updates via their newsletters. Pipaluk and Serafina the creative minds behind this encyclopedia of practices are truly inspiring. They offer a very safe space especially for beginners and curious people :)

Nadja, Netherlands


Magic is the Key to...

...trusting yourself. with confidence. and wellbeing.

...bringing light to the unseen.

...getting to know yourself.

...peace and beauty.

...finding freedom.

...reclaiming your strengths.

...feeling connected and whole.

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A great resource for all magical practitioners

Magic is the Key content is well researched and insightfully presented. Pipaluk's rituals are powerful and transformative. Magic is the Key is a great resource for new and seasoned magical practitioners alike.

Kat, Netherlands


I absolutely love magicisthekey

I absolutely love magicisthekey. I was a bit skeptical at first, but as the weeks have gone on I have learnt a lot of helpful practices. I find the meditations interesting, trying to work out which ones are for me. They all are. Pipaluk and serafina are beautiful people. I strongly recommend working with them. It's amazing.

Danii, Great Britain


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Sisters by birth, co-founders by choice. We share the vision of making the world a better place by helping people access our wisdom within, and the wisdom of the world and universe. We believe that the best way we can heal ourselves and the world we live in is by confidently showing up to a spiritual practice everyday. Since we are all different, our growing library of spiritual & magical practices has everything we need to custom create our spiritual journey and change it as our life changes.

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