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Connect to Your Heart

Uplifting and inspiring magic for those who want to experience magic every day.

Magic is the Key serves you by offering guided spiritual meditation practices and courses along with a community to help you connect to others by inspiring them and being inspired in return. What is different about Magic is the Key is that we support you in developing and creating your own spiritual path and practices.

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Private Community

A special place to connect with like minded people and turn life into magic together.
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Book of Magic

Chock full of practices suitable for anyone who wants a creative and fun approach to spiritual practices.
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Online Courses

As a special bonus for our members, we have added in depth online courses to help you go further.
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We are

Pipaluk & Serafina

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Deep in our hearts we all know that a little magic can change our lives in a big way.

Since we were little, we have always had a creative spark that we shared in many ways growing up together. After school we each took very different paths. One of us chose the free, artistic way and the other chose the fast paced startup world. Now, we have come together with a shared vision to create a warm, welcoming and supportive community that is focused around the magic of life. Check out our blog to read more about our personal journey of inviting magic and it's joys into our every day.