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 Using candles and colors is very common and can be very powerful when doing any kind of magic or ritual. Working with candles can be done all year round, but I feel like the end of October, early November, and at the end of the year, around Winter Solstice, are especially potent for this kind of work.

It is said that at the end of October and early November, the veils between the worlds become thin, which is why it is a great time to work with our ancestors. For such rituals, fire is often used and this can be in the form of a candle.

Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. Nowadays, in Western traditions, it is common to light a candle every advent until Christmas, until four are alight. In ancient traditions, you would start with five candles, all of them burning, and blow out one candle each week until Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year after which light is rebirthed. 

Following Winter Solstice comes the time between time and the Mysteries of the Wild Nights begin. The wheel of time stops spinning and the web of the fates shimmers more brightly. It is during this time, the 12 days after Winter Solstice, that we can participate in the weaving of our fate for the year ahead. It is another perfect time to integrate candles into your work.


Candles & Colors

White Candles stand for purity, cleansing, and protection and can be used for rituals in these areas. They can also support you in your spirituality and are great to have on your altar if you have one. If you ever feel incomplete, lighting a white candle can help. 

Silver Candles carry the light of the moon and can be very supportive when trying to remember dreams. In the Mysteries of the Wild Nights, we write down our dreams for 24 days, so a silver candle might become especially useful during this time. Silver candles can also aid your intuition and can help rid yourself of negativity and unwelcome things. 

Black Candles are ideal if you want to call about big changes in your life or want support in ending anything. They can also be great for improving your personal defense mechanisms. 

Purple Candles ease our connection to the spiritual world and are therefore great to have around during the Mysteries of the Wild Nights. They also stand in relation to idealism and honor. 

Blue Candles symbolize wealth, both material and personal wealth, and can be used for any kind of ritual where you want to gain something. They also stand for peace, harmony, wisdom, and calm. If you have trouble sleeping, lighting a blue candle before bedtime might help. 

Indigo Candles relate to light and can support balancing and neutralizing. It can also help you relax and is great to use during meditation.

Green Candles are great for renewal and growth but also for anything regarding sensuality, love, and fertility. 

Gold Candles are for regeneration, warmth, and recovery. They can also support the protection of the family, attract light beings, and can be used for sun rituals. 

Orange Candles are useful when working with the law of attraction or when we need some extra courage. They are great for when you need to get something started, especially when you need stimulation from the outside. 

Red Candles are very powerful and can support your inner virtue, strength, and success. They can be used when you want to work on your confidence, willpower, and charisma. 

Brown Candles support learning processes and concentration. When you feel like you have lost something they might also find their use when lit. 


Ideally, any colored candle that you use is colored through. We also highly recommend using environmentally friendly candles made of soy or beeswax. 

Remember that if you blow a candle out you are putting your work out into the world. If you snuff out the flame you can contain the energy and continue your work over days or weeks.


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