Self Protection with Sandy Cheeks' Treedome

free magic practical magic protection serafina Jul 26, 2023

Do you know that Sandy Cheeks' tree dome from Spongebob can help protect your mind and soul?

Most of us have had the experience of spending time with a person that has left us feeling completely drained. Sometimes we choose to spend time with someone that makes us feel that way, sometimes we can’t avoid it because we work with them, and sometimes family members can make us feel that way.

I had this experience once again a few days back. I ended up in a terrible mood and feeling exhausted. At first, I blamed it on not having slept very well the night before and on being tired. My sister pointed out that usually when I’m tired, my mood is not THAT bad. She said I’d spent time with an energy vampire. And she was completely right.

After the realisation I was driving my car to get food. I thought about a technique my sister taught me many years ago where you create an imaginary box outside of yourself where you put someone else’s emotions/words/thoughts instead of letting it all in and getting affected by it personally. It can make it easier to help others or to listen attentively if you don’t suck it all in. And I’m definitely an emotion and vibe vacuum cleaner.

And that thought led me to Sandy Cheeks’ treedome. I imagined creating a dome around me that was filled with what I need to feel good. Like Sandys’ home that is filled with oxygen and her tree and everything else that she needs to live a happy life, all the way down in the ocean next to Spongebob and her other friends.

And the best part is, my imaginary dome kept everything I don’t need outside. All the negative energy, the bad moods, the off-vibes. I immediately felt a lot better. My spirits lifted. In part from visualizing a safe space around me, my own cocoon, and in part because adding the thought of Sandys’ treedome just made me smile. It changed the rest of my day.

Next time you find yourself in a similar situation try this out for yourself. And if there is another image of a safety bubble around you that you like, then use that. Maybe it’s a football arena, or a cave, your imaginary princess canopy bed, or a wine cellar. Your protected safe zone could be anything and can be created anytime, anywhere. How amazing is that!


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