Sacred Waters

free magic pipaluk practical magic May 24, 2023

My sister and I could not believe what we were tasting. Tea and coffee had never been so delicious! The softness, the smooth taste, the after glow upon our tongues. It was unlike anything we had ever tried. To think that we had missed out on what water can taste like all our lives!

This first taste of a hot beverage made from water that I had collected from a well started my journey down the rabbit hole of collecting water straight from its source. Not only does it taste much better, it feels more nourishing and thirst quenching than any tap water or filtered water.


When the ice starts to melt in the mountains and the rain pounds down onto the earth the waters start flowing with renewed energy. Spring feels like the perfect time to get acquainted with the waters in your surroundings.

Spend some time with your favorite search engine to discover what wells are near by in the area. We have been pleasantly surprised that there are many in our area that are accessible to the public. This is also a great thing to do while traveling. By researching what local wells there are you will get to know the waters of the place and chances are that you will happen upon ancient sacred sites off the beaten track.


We went from well to well drinking and collecting waters. We refreshed our faces, our minds and our hearts. What was most exciting was that the wells we found were ancient sacred sites that are still being visited as such in our time.

One well, dedicated to the Mother of God and, in more ancient times, to the triple goddess was a small little pouring out of liquid goal from the cracks in soil and rock within a forest upon a hillside. Little offerings of seeds, ribbon and coins, flowers and candles were placed upon tiny natural shelves surrounding it. The magic of the place seemed to hide them for it took us two visits to even notice they were there.

Another well we found on the other side of a low arch etched into thick, stone walls of a church. Beyond the arch you turn left into a dark hallway with murals painted upon the walls depicting sacred scenes in rural landscapes. The Well of Grace is available to anyone who makes the trip to the church and the church is open during the day to visitors. Inside you will find that these great stone walls built upon sacred waters are dedicated to the feminine and the holy trinity. In place of a suffering holy man upon a cross you find sweet women draped in soft clothing with stars around their heads, holding a babe and offering healing, help and support to any who may ask.


When you have found a well, place your hands in the running water.

Sprinkle water upon your heart and your brow.

Taste it, if it is safe to drink.

Let your wet hands run over your head, neck and shoulders.

Hold out a glass or stainless steel bottle and bring it home.

Leave an offering. You may gift coin to a church, place some hair or seeds on the ground. You can sing a song or breathe deeply in honor of the well. Relationships build on reciprocity, so offer something to your relationship to the well and the waters of the well.


Once at home with the waters it felt imperative to honor this gift. Instead of quenching thirst with big gulps, it felt much better to do something special. The first time we drank tea, three women together: A maiden, a mother and a crone.

Another time I gifted the water only to hear back that this was made into the best coffee ever.

When my sister gifted my a copper carafe, I poured in the water and placed it into the cold outside. The water was cooled by nature and I poured a small amount into a glass. Into it I added 9 drops of wild rose tincture that I acquired upon a small magical island on a lake. The island is dedicated to women, fertility, and children and the tincture was made by nuns. This magical concoction tasted thick and rolled over my tongue like a well rounded wine.


Uplift and inspire your heart with the following concoction: Pour equal parts of linden blossom honey and organic apple cider vinegar into a jar. Add two parts of warm water from a sacred well. Stir until the honey has dissolved. Add a tea spoon of rose powder and 9 drops of hawthorn tincture for some added potent magic. Drink with intention and presence.

Make tea or coffee from the water. Let the making thereof be a meditation. Drink it with people you love for an extra dose of sweet magic.

Pour the water into a copper or glass carafe that is special to you. A wine carafe is great! Place outside with a lid on top and let it charge in the sun and the moon light, beneath the blue sky, the clouds and the stars. When you drink it, drink nature into your body.


It is always a fresh surprise to be participate in the changing of life. Dull waters become life when you let your gaze float outwards, beyond the confines of your home and modern day industries. There are wisdom keepers all around us who know where to go and what is particularly magical is how many of these lovely people share freely what they know on the World Wide Web.


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