Places of Comfort - A Visualization & Journaling Prompt

journal serafina Nov 08, 2023

This month we have launched our journaling section in Book of Magic. To go with the launch I thought it would be nice to have a free journaling prompt that you can get started with right away if you are not yet signed up.

Do you sometimes get the feeling of being in the wrong place or the feeling that you don’t belong even though you are at home? It might feel like some kind of homesickness that doesn’t seem to make any sense. 

I’ve been there a few times but have never fully been able to figure out why this occurs and what it might mean. Recently, I got a step closer to understanding this.

A friend said that these emotions arise when we stop living in alignment with our values and who we truly are. Figuring out what’s going on might be a larger task, but here is a small way to get started:

In life, we come across different places that make us feel at home. They give us a sense of comfort, security, and belonging. Often we also find a deep connection to the nature around these places and feel a deep connection to ourselves.

I’ve encountered places that have made me feel that way, some of them having nothing or very little to do with being an actual home. I’m sure you have places like that as well. So let’s explore them.

For the journal prompt, I would like you to start by closing your eyes and taking a few moments to bring a place into the forefront of your mind. It can be a place that you have been and are familiar with or a place of your imagination. Visualize it as best as you can using all your senses. What does it smell like? What can you touch or feel? What can you hear? Is there anything you can taste? What exactly does it look like? Be specific.

Take a few deep breaths here and take as much time as you like to enjoy the moment while visualizing. It might bring a smile to your face, or bring out a deeper breath or sigh. Whenever you feel ready, open your eyes and let the journaling begin.

Write down as much as you can in as much detail as possible. Once you are satisfied, start thinking and writing about what it is about this place that makes you feel at home. This, I am sure, will take you one step closer to understanding yourself and finding ways to feel more in alignment with who you are, thus making you feel more at home wherever you are.

Bonus: Now that you have visualized your place of comfort and written about it, it will come easily to you whenever you need to feel a little more at home.


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