Make Life Meaningful

dreaming free magic journal pipaluk Feb 07, 2024

She looked straight into my eyes and spoke with an unwavering voice:

"Do you think you have it in you? To care enough about life to want it to mean something? Then you would actually have to try and trying means failing as you walk a long and winding path.

Once you step on that path of meaning, there is no more goal you can reach, no end of the road. Early retirement and seeing kids off to college won't cut it, nor will the trip of a lifetime. That scene where you get to sit in a rocking chair on a porch and watch grandchildren play does not exist, at least not in the way you think. When you lay down to sleep every night your mind will be trying to solve the unsolvable problem. How can I make my life mean something?

Before you can even try to figure that one out, you must go back and ask yourself what meaning is to you. Is it good enough if it's meaningful to you and nobody else? What about the other people? Children? Nature? Parents? The city? The country? The planet? The solar system? Are all things sentient or not? Do they care?

When you think about wanting your life to mean something, how far have you thought? When you say 'purpose', do you know what you're implying? When you say 'authentic', do you really know what it is and where it needs to come from for it to be real?

How far have you explored?

Or perhaps it is those who think too much that have it all wrong. Maybe meaning just is.

Please, let's lean back into our rocking chairs. You put your feet up while I uncork this wine. Oh, you would rather like tea? Hold on, let me put on the kettle for you. Do you mind if I already pour myself a glass while we wait for the water to boil? We can watch this beautiful sunset together. Your tea will be ready in just a minute."


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