Journeying Inward

journal Jan 17, 2024

Here in Bavaria, Germany it feels like the true winter season is only just beginning. The busy and exciting times of pre-Christmas, Christmas, and New Year’s are over and some of us might already be so far, that we have chucked our New Year’s resolutions out the window. 

So what do we do now?

I believe it’s the perfect time to journey inwards, especially if life was too hectic to get around to it before the bells struck midnight on the 31st of December 2023. 

How to go about it.

Grab a hot beverage to your liking. Choose a cozy, comfy spot. Make sure your electronics are out of the way and bring your journal, or if you’re like me, your journalS. Maybe turn on some music and light a candle. 

Remember, you don’t have to achieve anything. 

You can start by not doing anything. Just sitting. Thinking. Breathing. Maybe this turns into a meditation. Maybe not. Maybe you just look out the window and watch the world outside go by. Thoughts will come and go. If anything catches your attention, reflect on it. Maybe this is where you start journaling. You could write, draw, or make a collage. Whatever pleases your soul. 

You can also approach this the other way around and start with journaling. Anything that comes up for you. Create drawings if you like. Be free. And if this way is not your thing…

…you can ask yourself specific questions. How was my last year truly? Did I do what I wanted to do? How do I want this year to be? Who am I? What defines me? What do I like, what do I dislike? What can I start or stop to live more in tune with who I am? What clothing do I own? Does it make sense for my current life or does it reflect how I want my life to be like? How are my relationships doing? Are they nourishing my being? Am I taking care of them? What thoughts and beliefs are stopping me from having certain relationships? What media am I consuming? How does it reflect on me? How does it affect my personality? How can I connect more deeply to myself? Where is that nagging feeling, that something isn’t quite right coming from? Are my New Year’s resolutions in line with what I want or guided by the society and culture I live in? What is my place in the universe? What do I want to leave behind when I am no more?

You can go as deep as you like. You can do one session or many throughout this winter. Reflecting and learning about our true selves will lead to happier and kinder versions of ourselves which will have a ripple effect on those around us. 

Try it out.

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