Fall Love

fall journal letter seasons serafina stars & seasons Sep 06, 2023

Dear Fall,

I am so happy that you are (almost) finally back. Summer has been very hot and I’m so excited for you to bring me some cooler days.

I loved your first check-in of the year. You brought rain, and colder temperatures, and crisp morning air. I got to cuddle up on a Sunday morning and read. I got to wear sweaters, my raincoat and sneakers. You made me so happy.

I was also very ready to bake. Preferably something with cinnamon, but I didn’t get around to it. You were gone again so quickly.

But some changes are already here for good. The leaves that have started to turn their color. Some have fallen gently to the ground and have been starting to collect in small piles, making the earth seem softer. The darkness arrives sooner in the evening, creating space for cozy nights on the couch. The morning air is different and fresher. The squirrels are sprinting around driving my dog crazy.

And then there are still many things that I am looking forward to when you return, hopefully, to stay.

I’m excited to collect fallen chestnuts and spread them around my apartment. I look forward to cooking, baking, and decorating with pumpkins. I can’t wait to wear all my sweaters and fleeces again. There will be more reading. More focused work without the heat. More journaling and crafting. More runs where I can bring my dog along. Hopefully a few more hikes.

And then there is the feeling of starting something new. The summer chapter is coming to an end and we all get to start a new one. Create new or freshen up routines or schedules. Make ourselves or family members packed lunches for work or school. Try a new workout. There are endless things I’m excited about and look forward to.

So, dear Fall, I am sitting at my desk looking out the window waiting patiently for you. Know that you are welcome to arrive at any time.

With Love,



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