Everyday Travel Between Worlds

free magic pipaluk practical magic Apr 05, 2023
Magnolia in early spring

If you yearn for magic in your life, you probably also yearn to experience other worlds. You know those worlds, where reality seems to shift beneath your feet and for a little while all becomes wondrous. In this place your perception extends far below and above what you are used to calling your everyday reality. You might get glimpses of possible futures or visions of the past. You could find yourself at a crossroads steeped in mist, challenging you to make a choice that will change your life. Instead of a tree you would see a guardian, instead of a home you see a temple. This... and so much more.

If this seems far out, remember a time when you were with a piece of art that you absolutely love. What is the source of this love? Some say that art speaks to us when we recognize it as a part of ourselves, often one that is hidden beneath lakes of emotion and memory. Artworks that open doorways can be found in museums, parks, and also at home on the couch when watching a show.

One can argue that it is the person perceiving the art who creates the art, not the artist. For is it art when there is nobody to experience it as such? In that same way, it takes you, the viewer, to see an art piece as a portal for it to become one. By that sense, you are always living in more worlds than one.

In one world the artwork is paint on a canvas, in another it is a sacred object that pierces into the depths of your soul.

The beautiful thing is that these worlds are always here and now, readily available to all those who know how to access them.

It can be easy.

Art can be a key to open the door into other worlds, and so can everything within and all around you.

Let's circle back to where we started, where entering another world can be felt by reality shifting beneath your feet and all becoming wondrous. This can happen anywhere. On a walk in the woods while your mind is roaming free and the day becomes a dream. In ceremony within a circle, where fires are lit, words spoken and songs are sung. In conversation with an intimate friend when secrets are shared and you feel you are suddenly inside a bubble of utmost intimate focus and all the rest of the universe has disappeared.

And these are but a few examples within the infinite labyrinth of life.

What does it mean to you, to be in another world? In what ways are you already traveling between worlds?

In the Book of Magic we share some ways by which you can experience this magic whenever you want to, so if you like these words, you might like to join.

But there are many paths you can travel and ours are but a few. We know you can trust yourself to walk the way that is true to you.


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