Endings & Change

free magic Mar 13, 2024

There is so much fear around big change. The human is programmed to be comfortable with the known. Even though it sometimes is so terribly uncomfortable. What we don’t know is so much scarier. And so we stay in our zone of comfort, in our discomfort. Suffering.

When making a change or not making a change lies in our hands we each have a different level of discomfort we can tolerate. Or a different level of fear towards change. Either way, there is a threshold of when a person is ready or feels forced to take action. Unfortunately, for some, this never happens and they are eternally bound.

What I have found is that there is beauty in endings and closing doors, even when it is hard. If you close a door and maybe even lock it and start walking away from it, you will see many new pathways ahead if you open yourself up to them. The most important thing is that we have taken the decision from the heart and that we feel in the body that it was right for us. It is better to listen to the body than the mind. When we do this, we realize that the world and its opportunities are so grand.

If your heart or your body is telling you that something has to change, but your mind is still resisting, here is what you can do:

Work with the cycle of the moon. At New Moon, you can do a simple tarot reading, try bibliomancy, or journal. It doesn’t have to be specific to what needs changing. It can be very general. It is a way of handing over what might be going on for you internally to external forces. A way of finding a guiding star. A way of letting go.

You might choose a practice to do for the next two weeks until the full moon to support you. Maybe it’s meditation, journaling, drawing, going for a walk every evening. Whatever came to you at the new moon. Work with what’s going on inside you.

If the time is right and if you are in the right space, the next two weeks until the full moon might bring the change that you need. Things might fall into place with more ease than you could expected. It might even feel like it wasn’t your doing at all.

Try it out and let us know how it went. If nothing came of it, maybe the time is not yet right. With three full moons of 2024 already gone, we are still left with ten more this year. Ten more to practice some beautiful magic for new beginnings.


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