Protecting the Home

free magic pipaluk practical magic protection serafina Jul 05, 2023

Do you know that feeling, where you don't feel quite safe where you are sleeping? I had that feeling recently. I thought the home I am in feels a little off. I did not quite know why, but I like to trust my feelings and act on them. Once I did the magic, I felt safe.

I cannot offer you empirical studies that give you proof of protection magic decreasing the statistical likelihood of anything happening in the place where you sleep. What I do know is that engaging in a process that is beautiful, emotional and involved while focusing on a specific outcome can make a massive difference to how you feel in that place. This can result in better sleep, a deeper relationship with where you are, the making of beautiful memories, and the feeling of life being magical. That is good enough!

Here is what you'll need:

Salt - If you can find local salt, amazing. If not, go for something sourced out in nature. I like to read the packages of salt for where it is sourced or how it is made. Then I will choose the one that feels most appropriate for protection. Note: I say "feel" not "think".

Much of my magic sprouts out of the moment, as do the recipes for it. My primary goal is often to change my experience of the world. Most of all, I wanted to feel safe and cocooned in the place where I sleep, so my priority was with feeling and emotion. The more emotional a spell is, the greater its effect is on how I feel after.

Salt is amazing. Make a protective ring around strawberries in your flower bed and it stops the snails from snacking on them before you can. It makes food better and if you use a lot, it also keeps it good longer. A little research on salt in the occult will open up a world of magic circles made of salt and whisk you into old lore of salt sprinkled on doorsteps.

Using salt in your protective magic makes you part of a long line of magicians and kitchen witches, house wives and mages, sorcerers and dukes and farmers who all at some point felt the need of a little safety of the magical kind.

Depending on how large the area is that you need to protect, you will need a little or a lot. More on this below.

Rosemary - It grows locally and is easy to source. It is not endangered and it is known to protect. It cleanses and clears, invigorates and makes potatoes more delicious. I love eating it, so my love for this miraculous twig comes from deep within my belly.

It combines the name of a holy woman with the plant that is most associated with her: Mother Mary and the rose. The name alone offers protection, care for those in need, and beauty. Essential oil of rosemary will also get you back on your feet again if you feel a little dizzy from low blood pressure, at least that has been my experience.

For the sake of this magic get it dried if you want easy, or fresh and cut into many little pieces if you have a little effort to put into this.

Holy Water - Why not? I added this more out of chance or synchronicity than out of any preconceived plan. One day I found myself upon a holy island upon which is a holy church. Due to remnants of the corona pandemic they had a tiny little bottle of holy water available for purchase. The water was free, it was the bottle that cost 80 cents.

I found it unusual and exciting and happened to have just the right amount of coin on me, so I could not help myself. I purchased the bottle by throwing money into a little box that nobody was watching and putting the bottle into my bag. It sat on my shelf knowing I would eventually figure out something interesting to do with it.

For the protection magic I used three big sprinkles. I will share the details in the recipe that follows.

Four magical items to anchor the four corners as pillars - I will explain the how of it all below, but suffice it for now that you need four special items to anchor the entire spell. If the place you sleep has more or less corners than that, you will need more or less items. Rose petals are great and even more so if you can get a single thorn for each pillar. Consider what protects. A twig of rosemary could work, or four rocks that have told you that they would love to serve this purpose. 


The Recipe:

Consider the area of the place you sleep. Does it include an entire building? Or is it an apartment? Is it a property on a big piece of land? If you can go all around the outside, you will need enough salt to sprinkle it along the entire edges. If you're in an apartment or a house attached to other houses on either side, the window and door openings will be all the need sprinkling, or the front and back edges that you can actually reach.

Take the salt that you will be sprinkling all around - sparingly if your property is surrounded by nature and perhaps more generously if you live in a city and the edge of your home is concrete and pavement.

Place the salt in a bowl. Mix it with all the little rosemary pieces. Once the rosemary is well integrated, add a few sprinkles of holy water and mix it again. Use your hands to do this and focus on protection.

Collect the items that you want to place in the corners. The rose petals at the corners of the entry way can symbolize to only let in those with kind intentions. Placing a rose thorn next to it can keep those with ill intentions out. You can of course use other items that mean different things depending on what you are looking for. 

Now take the bowl and the items and go around your space that you want to enclose in protection. Sprinkle the salt, rosemary, and holy water (if you have it), as you move around your space taking care to not leave any gaps. Make sure to do this in a clockwise direction. In each corner, as you pass it, place the items you intend for it. They can be the same for all corners, or different for each one. Once you have gone all the way around, the magic is complete.

If possible, do this on a new moon when it is darkest and you can not be seen. 


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