5 Easy Ways to Start Exploring Your Spirituality

journal Oct 11, 2023

 I like to define spirituality as being a way of connecting to the center of our being. Exploring spirituality, thus means exploring your self and finding a way to reconnect with who you truly are.  

This is a lifelong quest to embark on and it will ebb and flow, but starting today will bring you closer to living a more meaningful and intentional life. 

Here are five easy ways to start exploring:


This is an excellent place to start and a great way to get to know yourself, your mind, and your body better. There is a plethora of guided meditations to try out if you're at the beginning and don’t know how it works. You can meditate for 2 minutes or two hours so it fits into any kind of schedule. You could do it right now:

*Close your eyes and take a deep centering breath.
*Arrive in this moment.
Let the breath flow naturally and feel how it moves through your body. In and out. In and out.
If thoughts are plaguing you try to watch them come and go without judging.
*Bring your focus back to your breath.
*When you are ready to move on, take another big breath and open your eyes to bring you back to what’s in front of you. 

Once you are more adept at meditation I highly recommend freeing yourself from guided ones on occasion and exploring on your own. 

Connect to Nature

We used to live much closer to nature than we do now. Nature is still ingrained in our bodies even though our bodies often live more separate from it. Simple activities such as walking through a forest or putting feet on soil help boost our well-being and counter some of the effects of living in modern society, such as anxiety and depression.

We can only gain from attuning to nature in our daily lives. This can be as simple as taking a walk every day while noticing life all around you, from weeds growing through the cracks of asphalt, to trees and birds and insects. Step outside and feel the weather on your skin and in the breath you inhale. Close your eyes and feel your body as part of the beauty of nature. Remember this long-forgotten knowledge, that you are part of the beauty of our earth.

If you want to go deeper, we have a full chapter on connecting with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water inside Book of Magic.

Learn from others

Start talking to others about spirituality. This felt a little uncomfortable to me at first, but I had the experience that whenever I opened up I was usually met with open minds and people who were willing to share about their own experience and journey. This is how I’ve learned more about shamanism, herbs, spirit animals, meditation teachers and techniques, and so much more. 

Books are of course also a wonderful place to learn. The options here are endless. Find what sparks your interest. Going to a library is a great way to browse. 

I’ve enjoyed books by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Annabelle Wimmer-Bakic (currently only in German), Danu Forest, and many more. My list of books I still want to read is very, very long.

And then there is the internet. A wondersome place to explore, you might just have to be a little more intentional.

Connect to your Inner Wisdom

Schedule time to do nothing except sit and think. Allow yourself to daydream, or ponder on experiences, or anything else that comes to mind. This can help you connect with yourself and can lead to great ideas and action. 

I like to do this on weekends when time is more abundant. I prefer being alone. I sit in a comfortable chair facing out the window or into my home depending on the mood. I do this without music and with technology out of the way. And then I simply sit and think. I don’t use a timer. Sometimes I will do this for 5 minutes and sometimes for hours. This depends on the state of my mind and body. Give it a try!

Play & Explore

The world of spirituality is endless and there is so much to explore. Let whatever sparks your interest guide you. Spirituality is very individual, so you might want to play around with tarot cards, drumming, incense, music, candles, dreaming, astrology. Make it fun. There is no right or wrong. Find what is meaningful to you.


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