3 Steps To Saving The World - Inspired By Hobbits

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Hobbits Saving The World

What if you could change the world? Would you do it?

What if someone told you that you can? Would you believe them?

Right now the world is changing faster than it has in a long time. In our fascinating, always oscillating history, we as a species have experienced both riding on the back of a snail and a sonic wave. We have surfed elegantly and also crashed and burned.

In this Wild West that is our existence, we cling to that which we think we can control and hold on to hope in dimly lit rooms. Only few of us think we can change the world and not always with the best of intentions. Those of us who live in secular countries will easily forget at times, that the world is still very much religious and that there are those who would like to speed up the end of times so that a savior might appear.

It feels rather surreal to think that there are Saurons and Hobbits who wander this planet. Yet, we can easily be reminded that fact is often stranger than fiction if we know how to pay attention.

If it is indeed so, would we not like to have more Hobbits? Audacious little creatures who come to believe they can change the world for the better and thereby end up actually saving the world.

Are you perhaps a Hobbit?


How to become a Hobbit that saves the world:

Step 1. Get to know yourself and the stuff you are made of. The hobbits know themselves a hardy people and so can you. Consider your ancestors alone and what they endured and survived so that you might live.

When you take a bit of time to look at the history of humankind, it is wild for those of us who are alive to be alive! Without the hobbits knowing of their strengths, they scarcely would have set out to help the world. Most certainly the faithful Hobbit friends of Frodo would have stayed at home if it weren't for this mindset. They most certainly did not believe anyone that they are but small and inconsequential creatures!

Consider also the powerful primordial elements that you are made of. Many (not all) know them as earth, air, fire, water and spirit. These incredibly creative forces are all around you and they are also in you.

We have a full 8 lesson course culminating in a beautiful ceremony where you can intimately get to know the elements that you are made of. Discover it for free HERE.

Step 2. Find connection to others. There are few stories where anyone saves the world alone. More often than not, it is a group bonded together, if not by friendship, then at least by common cause. Often friendship feeds the common cause and vice versa.

Look around you. Do you make space in your life for deep connection? Do you dare asking people about their hopes wishes and dreams? Do you risk sharing your own?

True connection is a vulnerable thing to engage in and it takes a lot of bravery. If this feels challenging, then fret not, for if you take a lot of time with Step 1.and thereby get to know the powerful stuff you are made of, bravery will come.

Step 3. Do what you can in the place you are in. This place being both your external surroundings and where you feel yourself at in your life. Sometimes we get captured by an army of Orks or we have the One Ring whispering words in our brains that drag us into dark places. Both the whispers and the capture are beyond our control.

It can be as challenging to step up and help as it is to accept helplessness. What we can work on gaining control of is our attention. If we point our gaze inward and outward, we can get better at figuring out when and how we can act with great effect, and when it is best to sit still, perhaps even hide, and get our bearings. We never know when a tree might turn out to be an Ent that can tip the scales in favor of the change we want to be and see.

Visualization exercises can help us get excellent at controlling our attention. Did we tell you that we have a full course inside of Book of Magic and that you can access it for FREE?


As a final note, we truly hope that more of us humans do the work of being more like Hobbits. There is so much going on in the world these days and so much we can do to make it a better place for everyone.

We bow to you, with love.


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