3 Step Ritual to Trust Yourself

free magic pipaluk rituals Oct 04, 2023

Imagine always having something in your toolkit that aligns you to yourself and your truth no matter how challenging or confusing life gets. Sounds amazing, right?

Learning and practicing ritual techniques to build your personalized rituals can do exactly that. When done right, a ritual can be the eye in the center of a storm, a steady rock in stormy weather, a certainty like the sun setting every day.

How exactly can a ritual do this? Before we begin, sit comfortably in an undisturbed space, set the tone with a meditative playlist and some incense or a perfume you love. Then try these 3 simple steps to help you get started with your own ritual to trust yourself today:

1. Start with your breath. It is one of the most important keys to tuning into your own body and how you are. It will also give you important clues as to how life is affecting you in each and every moment. Knowing this teaches you a lot about the kind of person you currently are and the more you get to know yourself, the more you can trust yourself.

In Book of Magic we currently have 33 lessons on different ways to breathe including guided meditations and in depth explanation. We regularly add more lessons.

2. Orient to the sacred. Many rituals and meditations include what is called 'creating sacred space.' We at Magic is the Key think a little differently: Everything around us is sacred. It is not us humans that make it sacred. What we can do is orient ourselves to the sacred all around us and remember that we are part of this sacred world.

The Oxford dictionary defines 'sacred' as 'deserving veneration'. In every day language this translates to 'deserving of great respect.' This means that when we orient ourselves to the sacred and include us in the picture, we are on a magical path to giving great respect to our surroundings and ourselves! Now ask yourself, would you not trust someone more who you give great respect to? By adding this important step to your ritual you are well on your way to having a practice that supports you in trusting yourself.

3. Open up all your senses. Explore experiencing the world, including yourself, as if for the very first time. Sense with full curiosity and let that curiosity replace any judgement. If you feel any thoughts arise, refocus on your senses. Be gentle and patient with yourself. If you do this step after the last step, you'll be incorporating the viewpoint of everything, including you, as being deserving of great respect. How interesting is that as an exploration?

When we allow ourselves to experience everything as if for the very first time, free from any judgement, we can explore the world for what it is. A baby doesn't see a messy room, or a crooked tree, or themselves as too much of this and too little of that. They see worlds upon worlds to explore and discover. In this curiosity joy, wonder and awe are never far.

Incorporating this state of mind into your ritual is like giving yourself a fresh start and allows you to get curious if you need to reflect on anything, rather than judge. Curiosity is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and, as we already know, knowing yourself means you can trust yourself.


This is not a quick fix! Even though these steps are simple, showing up to them regularly is what actually facilitates inner change. If you are curious about learning more about magic, you might love Book of Magic. It is a growing library of magical practices and courses with more lessons being added every week. You can discover breath practices, learn the art of candle visualization, deepen your relationship with earth, air, fire, water and spirit through beautiful ceremonies, and more! Click HERE to try it for free.


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