3 Little Rituals for Everyday

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Bring magic into your day with these 3 simple rituals. They are both wonderfully easy and profound! The depth of awareness and intention you bring to these rituals will enhance your experience, giving you access to lifelong practices that connect you to the magic within you and the world.


1. This ritual is for connecting with the infinite and beautiful spark of life!

For most of us, the day starts with a mirror. It hangs over the sink and we stare into it as we brush our teeth. We might lean in close to check up on our skin and lean back out to get an overall impression of how we look. The focus is on our looks and depending on our mood might come with compliments or judgements.

We just as well can use this time to make our energy sparkle as we connect with the infinite source of life. Here's how:

Lean in close enough so that you can focus only on your eyes. Look closely. They say the soul is reflected in the eyes and it is also the place where the spark of life can be found. Keep looking into your eyes until you find the sparkle. Look deep and look beyond just what you see!

Once you have found the spark let the realization ripple through your entire body and energy that the spark of life is sparkling within you. Find the spark every time you look in a mirror. 

Tip: This can be incredibly profound and healing to do when you are feeling sad or if you are crying. Keep looking into your eyes. Look beyond your facial expression and find the sparkle of your soul.


2. This ritual is for finding answers and inspiration.

Almost all of us leave our homes through a door at least once a day. But do you ever think about how doors are portals that take us from one environment into another? When we think about doors in this way, they all become quite magical in an instant!

We can combine this knowledge of doors as portals with an infinite number of magical rituals. Here's one to help you find answers to any questions you might have or inspiration if you feel you need it.

Next time you leave your home through your door to go somewhere, stop for a moment before exiting. Take a deep breath and see the door for the magical portal that it is. It is taking you quite literally from the inside world to the outside world. 

As you stand before the door, think of a question you have where you cannot quite figure out the answer. This can be something as mundane as not knowing what to eat for dinner or a big question like trying to figure out your life's path. You can also think of something where you feel you could use some more inspiration. This can be great if you are an artist or writer working on a project.

Once you have decided on your query, look at the doorway once more. This time, see it as a portal that will take you on a journey to find your answer. Know without a shadow of a doubt that you will find what you need on your journey beyond the portal. The journey ends only when you step back inside, either through the same doorway or another.

After you have stepped outside, pay attention to everything you can sense. A gust of wind, the words on a billboard, a bird flying by, some trash on the ground, a sound in the distance. In all that you see, hear, smell, feel, taste, and touch, look for the answer to your question or the inspiration you need.

Those who seek, always find!

PS: This practice is inspired by one particular divinatory piece of magic that was passed to me by Fio Gede Parma. You can find a detailed description of it in her book 'By Land, Sky, and Sea'.


3. This ritual is for cleansing and purifying the mind and the body at the end of the day.

We all have a bedtime ritual: A repeated set of actions we do before we finally put ourselves between sheets and close our eyes. This always involves water in some form. We drink it, wash our faces, take a shower or a bath, brush our teeth, make some tea, or clean our hands. 

Water has many beautiful and powerful magical properties, one of which is the ability to cleanse and purify. Since we already work with water every evening, this is the perfect opportunity for us to integrate one of the most classic magical rituals: The ritual of cleansing and purifying.

Here is one such ritual in its most simple form: The next time you interact with water in the evening, combine it with an awareness of its cleansing and purifying qualities to create a ritual that washes off the day.

If you are drinking tea, feel the water cleansing and purifying your body on the inside. Sip with deep intention. Feel the ritual is complete the next time you pee!

If you wash your face or take a shower, you can speak words such as, "May the waters cleanse and purify me. May they wash off my day." You can also do this in silence, washing with awareness and intention, feeling everything from your day, from physical dirt and sweat to emotions, thoughts, and sensations being washed away.


This blog was written in response to a conversation with the artist Carmen Molenaar. You can discover her beautiful handmade instruments and other artworks at or find her on Instagram @carmolenaar.

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