Please allow me to briefly introduce myself to you.

My name is Pipaluk and I have worked as a coach and consultant for almost a full decade.

My background is multi-disciplinary, eclectic and as varied as my clients. From CEOs and founders to sex workers, artists and students, to people between jobs and people in demanding careers, I am grateful to say that I have clients on several continents with a vast variety of backgrounds.

My focus is to integrate spirituality as a complex system that spans all our human experiences and interactions into daily life. Integrated spiritual practice is something I see as being both wholesome and healing while building healthy connections and relationships to both the self and the world at large, creating a more sustainable environment for all in the process.

When I say 'all,' I do so from the perspective of an animist. I choose this perspective not because of any belief, but rather because logically it makes the most sense to me to uphold this perspective, if we are to take care of this planet in a way where we can survive on it in the long run.


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