Allow me to briefly introduce myself to you.

My name is Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen and I have worked as a coach and consultant for more than a decade. I also teach a witchcraft steeped in current lived experience and history.

My background is multi-disciplinary and as varied as the lives of my clients. From CEOs, founders and high-net individuals to sex workers, artists, activists and students, my clients span vast backgrounds and are located on several continents.

The feedback I most often get is that working with me is a unique experience that brings about major positive changes and introduces a vast range of new perceptions and ways of experiencing.

What else?

I travel a lot, am involved in two mystery traditions, love books and reading (at the moment it's history, politics, economics, business and investing, mythology, witchcraft, scifi, fantasy), invest, hodl some crypto, write and make art.

I also love standing at the edge of the existential abyss and facing the void.

For other projects, visit:
A collaboration with Schors Publishing featuring their and my collection of old and rare tarot cards, some of which are for sale.
An epic universe I've been crafting for almost a decade with two alter egos. Most is still offline. If you know how to turn this into a video game, a graphic novel, a board game, or have any other cool ideas for publishing part or all of the story, please contact me. Artist and designers have made cool stuff for this world in the past. If you end up making something based on the story, I'd love to see your work.

If you want to connect, hit me up here: [email protected]

Find me on twitter, insta- and telegram: @poopylotmcgee

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