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Please read this page carefully before booking any sessions.


The most important aspect in any of the private sessions is you. In all session the emphasis is on your truth, agency and power to make your own decisions based on what feels right to you. The goal is always to support you in feeling aligned with your life and your personal sense of purpose. Both are considered discoveries in process.

All humans are a work in progress and the journey itself is the goal. Combining spiritual practice with high performance, you will receive the tools to meet your life in ways that exceed your expectations. To do this, it is important you invest time and approach this work with discipline and diligence. Lovingly accepting failure is just as important on the path of improving, transforming and developing your life into something you enjoy and are proud of.

Your well-being and success is at the forefront of all sessions.

Types of Sessions:

You can work with me in two capacities: Coaching or a one year witchcraft apprenticeship.

Coaching is available both as a short term and long term support system. For an overview of the topics we can cover during coaching sessions, please click HERE.

The one year witchcraft apprenticeship is for those who are committed to personal development and transformation in the long term and desire a more in depth and personalized experience to help facilitate this process. The focus of the apprenticeship is to build a strong spiritual foundation that integrates seamlessly into your life and offers you a powerful toolbox. This toolbox will help you be more present with and connected to your life, give you resources to meet any challenges and changes that come your way, while helping you live authentically and from a place of deep responsiveness arising from your own truth. The discovery of and living by your own truth is one of the goals of the apprenticeship. For an overview of the Apprenticeship, please click HERE.

Both the coaching and the witchcraft apprenticeship are highly personalized experiences. To support you between sessions, the opportunity to check in with me personally between via email or messaging is always available to you. The check ins are there for you to get feedback, ask questions, and give me any updates that will help me prepare and customize your next session, whether it is coaching or the apprenticeship.

To ensure the accessibility of my work, pricing is on a sliding scale. The generous support of those who pay more help me cover the cost of working with people on free or pay-what-you-can scholarships. The range of the sliding scale is EUR 95 - 300 incl. tax, per session. Payment can be made per single session, per batch of 3 sessions, per batch of 6 sessions or per batch of 12 sessions.

If you have not worked with me in a one-on-one capacity, you need to first book a free discovery session by emailing me at [email protected] Discovery sessions last around 30min. They serve the purpose of allowing us to get to know each other, talk about your expectations and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Together we can find out if this work would be fruitful for you at this time.

At a Glance:

Coaching Close Up:

Once you and Pipaluk have agreed to work together, you will schedule your first coaching session.

Each coaching session combines in depth inquiry with practices, meditations and suggestions for further work, that will help you continue the work outside the session.

During the first session orientation will take place. The starting point are your desires and goals and finding out what lies between you and fulfilling those desires and goals. You will be guided to inquire deeper on a search for your own truth and wishes for your life. The mind set is one of infinite possibility combined with what drives and motivates you from within.

In the subsequent sessions theory, talk, philosophy, practices, meditations and resources combine to offer you guidelines and tools that help you shape your life into one that is satisfying, fulfilling and holds within it an experience of meaning and purpose. Exploration and asking interesting questions are key to the process.

There are no immediate results. For change to happen it is important you show up with discipline and diligence. The natural flow of things will always be taken into account. Sometimes discipline and diligence show up in the act of doing nothing and resting, sometimes it shows up in committing to a daily practice over the course of a month. Who you are as a person and where you are at in your life decide what is appropriate, allowing for deep responsiveness to the present moment.

Topics I cover regularly in coaching sessions are listed below. Your coaching trajectory may include one or several of these topics.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Support for dealing with stressful situations and big life changes
  • High performance and optimization
  • Increasing resilience
  • Building new habits and sticking to them
  • Self development
  • Confidence
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life
  • Self acceptance and self love
  • Engaging your sense of awe and wonder in daily life
  • Integrating spiritual practice and awareness seamlessly into daily life
  • Increasing pleasure
  • Self discovery
  • How to live well
  • Self care
  • Support for entrepreneurs
  • Organization and motivation
  • Exploration and improvement of awareness and perception
  • Breath work and meditation practices
  • New beginnings
  • Personalized ritual and ceremony for daily life and improved quality of life
  • Dealing effectively with the ups and downs of life
  • Letting go
  • Seeing the world with fresh eyes
  • Living with an experience of the magical and the mysterious
  • Facing the existential abyss
  • Finding inspiration and creativity
  • Self talk
  • Connecting to the inner child

If there is something else you want to work on that is not on the list, please email [email protected] to inquire if this is available.


Witchcraft Apprenticeship Close Up: