A Witchcraft Apprenticeship

If we are lucky, we come across one thing or another in our lives that proves itself to be as pivotal as it is beneficial.

In my life, witchcraft is one such thing. This witchcraft has been taught to me by spoken word, by shared experience, in homes and in wild places, in big metropoleis and deep inside forests and jungles, at the shores of lakes and oceans, in spaces spanning multiple generations and alone.

It is not a witchcraft that you can find by scouring books, texts or the internet. The knowledge that quality sources offer is important and valid, but incapable of translating practice into lived experience.

It is the witchcraft of mystery traditions, eclectic, gnostic, heuristic, and in many ways scientific in its approach. It is philosophical and experiential. It asks for no beliefs and is constantly in a state of unfolding, adapting itself to the moment and the context. Questioning everything is emphasized more than finding answers.

It is a witchcraft that makes no promises and holds the risks and rewards inherent in any intimate human relationship.

One of the greatest results of doing this work is that it alters your perception to experience a sense of kinship; with yourself, your body, the world you live in, the people around you, with nature, with cities and towns, with the universe, with the existential abyss.

What arises out of experienced kinship is an increase in your sense of agency and presence, both keys to magic and a life that feels purposeful and powerful.


Here is what I do for those who ask for it:

A one to two year journey into the art of witchcraft, as it was passed on to me by my teachers, my teachers teachers, my teachers teachers teachers, and so forth.

The structure is as follows: We meet live an average of once a month, usually in virtual space, for an hour. Each meeting is a convergence in the shape of an interactive lesson. Each lesson includes time for a check-in, and practices will be passed to you. You will also receive work to do in your own time to deepen your experience and knowledge. When relevant, you will also be given resources you can peruse in your own time. Between lessons you can ask questions and send feedback about your work outside of lessons. For pricing, please check the pricing page.


The Scaffold

The apprenticeship is not linear by nature of what it teaches, but the following scaffold will give you a sense of what you can expect. Please keep in mind that what is written here is kept brief so you can form an initial idea, but in no means describes each lesson fully. The order of the lessons also changes in practice, adapting itself to each apprentice.

The practical part of each lesson is usually in the form of a meditation, ceremony, ritual or other magical practice. This way information and knowledge can be conveyed in ways that spoken and written words cannot.

Lesson 1: Introduction and orientation. Let me discover where you are at in your spiritual practices and disciplines. In addition to that, we will also explore definitions, practices and philosophies of witchcraft. We will be loosening expectations and beliefs you might hold regarding how this art and discipline might affect your life. We also be diving into what is possible, and what is impossible, questioning ourselves at every turn. The thinking mind is what dominates our modern lives, so we begin here.

Lesson 2: From the thinking mind we now transition into the primal, instinctual self, at times known as the fetch. The relationship with the body is vital to altering consciousness and entering trance states at will. Knowledge of your own instinctual responses supports being able to act and react with wisdom in life.

Lesson 3: Having explored and deepened the relationship with the thinking mind and the primal self, it is now relevant to give attention to the ineffable and intangible within you. Across the planet humans have given various names to this. In English it is most commonly known as the soul. Where does it reside? How do you connect and relate to it? How does it communicate? How do you translate the experience of your soul into something practical?

Lesson 4: