A Witchcraft Apprenticeship


If you are lucky, perhaps curious and somewhat subversive in your thinking, you come across a thing in your life that proves itself to be as pivotal as it is beneficial. A thing that questions any beliefs you previously held about life and, with a good dose of discernment, this thing is good for you, for others and the world you live in.

Witchcraft is one such thing in my life and perhaps it is / will be in yours.

Forget what you know of self help, wishful thinking, escapism, and the idea that there is an easy solution for all life's problems to be found in the meditative, the spiritual, the occult. The witchcraft I speak of is none of the sort.

This witchcraft, which must be practiced to be understood, has been taught to me by spoken word, by shared experience, in homes and in wild places, in big metropoleis and deep inside forests and jungles, at the shores of lakes and oceans and out on the open sea, in spaces spanning multiple generations and spaces of profound solitude.

It is not a witchcraft that you can find by scouring books, texts or the internet. The knowledge that quality sources offer is important and valid, but incapable of translating practice into lived experience.

It is the witchcraft of mystery traditions, eclectic, gnostic, heuristic, and it is interestingly scientific in its approach. It is philosophical and experiential. Most importantly, there are no dogmas, no rules or laws it demands you to follow. It does not require you to believe anything, rather it is an invitation to be curious and open in what you allow yourself to experience. Suspend disbelief, if only for a moment. Analyze and question rigorously later. Remember: Total freedom equals total responsibility.

This witchcraft is in a constant state of adapting itself to the present moment and context. As all individuals change continuously in our ever mutating world, so must our practices and thinking forever be mutable in order to be relevant and regenerative. As a result, excelling at questioning everything is emphasized above excelling at answering anything.

It is a witchcraft that makes no promises and holds the risks and rewards inherent in any intimate human relationship and exploration into mystery and the unknown.

It is rooted in the histories and stories of humans, the land upon which you live, and in truths that can be found by perceiving the world openly and clearly. It is both ancient and young, hidden and out in the open. It can be found in myths, art and poetry, as well as in financial markets, industrial landscapes, and academia.

One of the greatest results of doing this work is that it alters your perception to experience kinship with yourself, your body and your mind, the world you live in, the people around you, with nature, with cities and towns, with the universe, even with the existential abyss.

What arises out of an experience of kinship is an increase in agency and presence in life. It helps to not just know of, but to feel ones interdependence with all things. This in return gives greater purpose, the kind which arises from desire akin to the desire your body has to keep breathing for as long as it is alive.

A side effect of this work is living the good life, succeeding in all your endeavors, and doing so in right relationship with yourself and the world.

Are you curious? Then perhaps this apprenticeship is for you.


What to expect:

A one year journey into the art of witchcraft, as it was passed to me by my teachers, my teachers teachers, my teachers teachers teachers, and so forth. There are options to extend this time another year or more after careful consideration by both parties involved.

The structure is as follows: For an initial commitment of 12 lessons, we meet one on one an average of once a month, usually in virtual space, for an hour. Each convergence is an interactive lesson: check-in, the passing of practices and discussion of experiences. You will also receive work to do in your own time to deepen your experience and knowledge. When relevant, you are offered resources to peruse. Between lessons you can ask questions and send feedback about your ongoing work.

This work tends to have a great effect on the lives of those who dare to tread this path. Therefore one of the lessons always ends up being a coaching session as great shifts and changes happen in the life of the apprentice. The coaching session might be requested by the apprentice or offered by me. It can be one of the 12 sessions as part of the apprenticeship, or an additional service. Regardless, the apprentice is given all the support needed.


How to get started:

To begin this apprenticeship, please send an e-mail to [email protected] stating that you want to apply for this apprenticeship and why. I will get back to you with all the information you need within a few working days. For information on pricing, please check the pricing page.


A Scaffold

This scaffold is an overview of what you can expect in the first foundational year of this witchcraft apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship is not linear by nature. Since the point of the training is to adapt to your life and the context you live in, the content of the lessons is never set in stone. That being said, the following scaffold will give you a basic idea of content and direction. Please keep in mind that what is written here is done with the intention to help you form an initial idea but is by no means a complete representation.

Lesson 1: Introduction and orientation. I will ask you about your personal practices and disciplines. If this is all new to you, that is fine. We will explore the definitions, practices and philosophies of witchcraft, loosening expectations and beliefs you might hold. Dive into questioning what you believe is possible and impossible, seeking out which of these beliefs you can know to be true and which you cannot. The results are often surprising. It is the thinking mind which dominates our modern lives, so we begin here.

Lesson 2: From the thinking mind we transition into the primal, instinctual part of ourselves, also known as the fetch. Your relationship with your breath and body is an important key to altering consciousness and entering trance states at will. This in turn is intrinsic to catalyzing experiences of wonder and change.
     Almost all humans have experienced pain and trauma at some point in their lives. An awareness and knowledge of your instinctual responses paired with a true desire to live a good life can support you in acting with wisdom and kindness, both towards your own body and mind, towards others and towards the world. Supplemented with a practice of actively questioning, the path towards figuring out how to live and live well beckons.

Lesson 3: Having explored and deepened the relationship with the thinking mind and the primal self, our attention moves to the ineffable and intangible within and around you. Across the planet humans have given various names to this. In English it is most commonly known as the soul. As poetry and art is one of the most effective ways to access the ineffable, you will be guided towards finding a poetic term for this part of you, that delights, entices and sparks curiosity and thought in your mind. Perhaps this becomes the star soul or void self to you.
     Where does it reside? How do you connect and relate to it? How does it communicate? How do you translate an experience of your soul into something practical and applicable? How do you inspire your life and guide yourself, your thoughts and your actions in right relationship with yourself and the world you live in?

Lesson 4: Basic grounding, centering and alignment. This is a practice that expands and focuses your awareness to bring together the primal self, the thinking self, and the ineffable part of you. Experience the world with all your parts and arrive in the present moment. Learn how to make decisions in ways that are in alignment with your entire self, not just bits and pieces of it. Discover how to integrate this practice into daily life and experiment with all the ways in which you can alter your state of consciousness and thereby adapt to what is most conducive to every moment and challenge you face.

Lesson 5: An introduction to the ancestors. Intergenerational trauma, success and experience affects our lives every day. Our ancestors are who we come from, whether we like it or not, whether we know them or not. Learn practice and theory you can build on to shape your awareness of the ancestors of your blood, the ancestors of the land you are on, and the ancestors of your work and craft. The greater your sense of where you come from, the greater your sense of where you are going. The better you understand your histories and stories, the better you know where you are going, and the more agency you have to change the narratives you live by. You might work towards being able to choose to heal and replace a story of suffering with a story of delight and contentment.

Lesson 6: Advanced grounding, centering and alignment. This practice is flexible, mutable and rooted in universal human experience. It is thorough and rigorous and can be as intricate or simple, long or short, as is needed. In the lesson you will get a version designed to introduce you to ritual theory and practice. Your days are already filled with rituals and often people are not even conscious of them. Learning ritual theory and practice can be applied to reclaim your time and gives you the power to make sure that what you do and how you do it correlates with what you want to achieve and how you want to live.

Lesson 7: An applied philosophy of life. A case for wonder, magic and awe. An introduction to ritual theory and practice. This sounds like a lot, and it is! And by this point you have a strong foundation to bring it all together in the place that is between the worlds in all the worlds.
     How do you want to live? You will be guided through a ritual customized for you, designed to give you a starting point for the life long practice of exploring possible answers to this age old question. From here on forward you will have the information and practice you need to design your own basic rituals with a specific purpose and / or outcome in mind. A key to altering your state of consciousness, adapting your narratives, and achieving desired results. At the base is always the practice and discipline of being in right relationship with yourself and the world.

Lesson 8: Through the veil.

Lesson 9: Other-than-human allies. You have now spent seven lessons exploring the self in all its facets, and techniques to change narratives and relationships. This is an excellent moment to turn your gaze outwards, away from a human centric perspective and to start building deliberate relationships with the other-than-human that is all around you. Depending on your disposition and inherent desires, this can take on many forms. You might find yourself seeking guides and allies in the form of animals, plants, rocks, trees, stars. The relationships can feel as real as your conversations with humans and add meaning to your experience of the world around you. This in turn builds resilience and a lived sense of connection and responsibility. You are not alone.

Lesson 10: Intuition and divinatory arts.

Lesson 11: Traveling the world tree - an orientation of the Otherworld.

Lesson 12: Deep trance and spirit flight.


The Years Beyond the First:

At the end of the first year we decide if and how we wish to continue. Here are some possibilities: