Context determines pricing.

Every working partnership is preceded by a conversation that determines the agreements of the exchange, including the finances.

My client base spans demographics from students, sex workers, single parents and activists all the way to high-net individuals of 7+ figures, founders of successful start up companies, and people in high powered corporate jobs.

For this reason and for the sake of remaining accessible, pricing is determined on an individual basis.

Clients who pay me more enable me to work with clients who can only pay little or nothing at all.

Honesty, generosity and kindness on the part of my clients have made this method very sustainable over the years.

Sometimes I am asked to give talks and workshops for small and large groups. Again, context determines pricing. I have worked with educational institutions as well as in private and corporate sectors.

Some of the things I have been approached for I could never have guessed would happen until they happened.

If you are interested in initiating a working relationship with me, whether as a private or corporate client, an institution or activist entity, or something I have not yet imagined, please reach out at [email protected]. Let me know in as much detail as initially possible what your intentions and background are and we will move from there.

If you are interested in coaching or witchcraft specifically, please read through the respective pages prior to contacting me.

Please bear in mind that I am not able to accept all applications. I read them carefully, respond in a timely fashion, and if your proposal is accepted I will reach out to you to schedule a call or meeting.

The work I do is time and energy intensive and a highly creative process. I have learned the hard way to only work with those who inspire me in return, where there is a spark or a click that connects the subject matter or person and myself.

This is nothing personal, but rather a commitment to high context thinking, trusting my gut, adapting to changing circumstances and honoring this work that is my art.

I meet with everyone live, either online or in the flesh, before committing to a working partnership.

During the initial meeting it often becomes clear whether working together will be fruitful or not.

The meeting is the starting point of determining the nature of the exchange. You will not be judged nor turned away based on what your financial situation is.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My contact details: [email protected]