For the people who want a deep relationship with themselves, the world and the cosmos.

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The best life happens when you live it from a deep connection to your heart.



In your heart you already know that a little magic can change your life in a big way.



Spiritual practices and meditation help you connect your heart.


Life flourishes when it's a life of magic.
How do we do this?
By offering you an extensive online library of magical practices, courses and guided meditations bundled into one simple membership.

Magic is the Key!

Introducing: Book of Magic

Book of Magic is a unique online library created to empower you to integrate magic into your daily life with the ultimate goal of helping you and the world thrive.

This membership is more like a library card that gives you access to a magical temple filled with knowledge you can access at any time in order to craft a spiritual practice that is both informed and unique to who you are and the life you are living.

It is a multi-media world with 4k videos, audio, text and more, so regardless of your preferred way of learning and practicing, you will find something for you.


We are just getting started!
Here are our milestones so you know what's coming:


Soft launch of the Book of Magic to a closed beta group of 50.
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Open launch of Book of Magic to the general public.


Milestone 1: 300 subscribers.
We create an app so you can easily access everything from your phone.


Milestone 2: 500 subscribers.
We design a physical high end artisan journal partnering with a local print shop / book binding studio. Early members will get a discount from the regular price because you are the ones making this possible.


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Since we were little, we have always had a creative spark that we shared in many ways growing up together. After school we each took very different paths. One of us chose the free, artistic way and the other chose the fast paced startup world. Now, we have come together with a shared vision to create a warm, welcoming and supportive platform that is focused around the magic of life.

Sisters by birth, co-creators by choice.

Our goal is to make our mark in this world by uplifting and inspiring others. We believe that the best way to do this is by helping others get to know themselves better, thereby building a stronger connection to their hearts. We know from experience that if you are connected to your heart, you end up making better choices for yourself and the world you live in.

The time is now!

What we have created with Magic is the Key are spiritual practices and meditations that are meant to add magic to your life. They are nothing more than bouncing boards, there to help you soar.

Check out our blog to read more about our personal journey of inviting magic and it's joys into our every day.