Context determines the nature and length of our working partnership.

What happens in a working partnership? Big life changes. The changes happen either as a result of starting the working partnership, or the partnership is begun because of the changes already happening. Mostly it is both. Regardless, you do not have to go through it alone.

Often I partner with my clients on the following topics:

Corporate and Start-Up Environments
Transitioning in or out of leadership positions, exiting a company, motivation, purpose, dealing with stress, work / life balance, recovering from burn out, optimizing routines, dealing with unknown factors, improving self talk, applying spiritual practices to work life to optimize performance, efficiency and efficacy.

Life Transitions
A safe space to work through big transitions in life for a strong start into a new phase. How to let go of the old, support through grief and loss, welcoming the new, (re-)shaping your identity and perception of self, entering a new phase of life with personal strength and power, customized rites of passage.

Sex, Love and Relationships
Increasing capacity of nervous system to experience pleasure, healing sexual blockages, coaching to experience your first orgasm (women only), integrating low to medium level trauma, orgasmic breathing, coaching for self-love, improving your relationship with your partner(s).

The Approach
My approach is desire based. Rather than looking at what's wrong at the outset, I like to begin with discerning what you truly desire with a disciplined process. The subconscious is made conscious, perception is changed, connections are made and life flows with greater ease.

If you are interested in becoming my client, please make sure you have read the pricing page. Once you have decided for yourself that you are interested in working with me, send me an email at [email protected] introducing yourself, stating your initial intention and giving as much detail as is currently possible about your expectations regarding a potential working partnership with me.