Slow Down

dreaming journal pipaluk Feb 27, 2023


Spiraling like a labyrinth, hissing like a snake, pulling us forward on a string held by an immortal that knows the way but will not stop any one of us from stumbling and falling and sometimes breaking a leg.

From one day to the next time moves us forward.

The sun sinks beneath the horizon. Darkness moves up our windows earlier as the time the sun spends in the sky wanes.

Between realms and states we find ourselves, not quite one thing nor another. In these liminal states there is naught to do but sit and breathe. Sometimes we walk upon fields in the afternoon as the sun flares up and gives us heat. As the planet warms the season at times feels unrecognizable.

There is nothing to think and nothing to do. So we cover our couches with blankets and our dogs curl up next to us on pillows and soft carpets. Upon our coffee table lies a deck of cards untouched for days. In the emptiness of breath and dark, we pick up the deck and begin to shuffle until eventually a card falls out.

We give the card no meaning nor purpose. We just sit with it and discover it as if we see it for the very first time. Slowly, thoughts begin to arise once more. The thoughts turn to action. Action turns into inspiration. Inspiration moves us to once more rise out of the fog of fall and into meaningful activity.

We remember to look at the sun as it touches brown leaves and gives green grass its lush color. We smile at our neighbors and send a loved one a message. We sit down with family for dinner and make jokes that spin themselves from silly into absurd. We laugh and wake up with new fervor to clean our homes and finish our tax statements.

It is all magic and it is wonderful to be alive.


Credits: Text and photo taken by Pipaluk. Photo made with an Instax Mini camera.


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