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music pipaluk Apr 12, 2023
The Cave

Here are three songs to remind you how magical our world is.

Let us begin with this incredible song by musician Eivør Pálsdóttir. In this video she performs the song in beautiful surroundings in Aurland, Norway. Eivør herself is from the Faroe Islands, a most magical place worthy a visit from any kind traveler seeking beauty upon magical lands.


This next song is by a musician who may have already transported you to another world if you have watched and enjoyed the 1982 movie Blade Runner. It is not to be confused with Blade Runner 2049, which was released in 2017. Both are incredible movies.

Now, back to the musician who composed the soundtrack to the original movie: Vangelis. This man is from the mythical land of Greece. The song I am about to share with you, from his 1995 album 'Voices' is poetic, magical, mystical and, if you listen to the lyrics, open ended inviting you to dream, think and wonder.

The track is called 'Ask the Mountains' and I found this beautiful clip sharing both lyrics and scenic mountain ranges, making this a pleasure to both ears and eyes.


For the final song of this post I chose a hauntingly beautiful meditative piece by Richard Skelton. From the UK, another magical land (aren't all lands magical when we look beyond the surface?), his music is perfect for moments of deep reflection, enchanted trance states, a warm beverage drunk slowly, or a ride on a empty mountain road. The track I share with you here is called 'The Viscid Substance' and is from the album 'These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound.' You can directly support the artist by purchasing the album here:


We hope you enjoy these sweet tunes as much as we do.

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Photo Credit: The beautiful photo of this blog post was taken by Serafina in Newfoundland.


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