Journal | The Listener

journal pipaluk Mar 30, 2023

Do you know what it is like to have someone listen to you with such unfettered attention that you begin to truly hear yourself?

It is a beautiful thing, to sit with someone in a quiet nook and speak your stories.

The one listening waits for the silence of completion to ask a question grown from the seeds of curiosity.

You pause, for the question is like an arrow that flies into a dark space within you, a place upon which you have never shone the light of your sight upon.

When the answer comes you hear yourself as the words emerge from that darkness within and ripple out of your mouth into the space between you and the listener. You hear them for the first time, these words that have never been spoken before. They are like little miracles of light shining beauty upon your soul.

The listener smiles at your vulnerability and reflects your words back to you. They are for a moment a person that has become a mirror gifting you precious gems of reflection. These gems are your own mysterious being in all its facets.

The need for opinions and advice dissipate for the ability to be discerning on your own terms rises up from within. Being witnessed is the precursor to knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is the precursor to knowing the vast cosmos we exist as part of.

This person who is a momentary mirror is more: A vessel that is open and ready to receive what you give in whichever way it comes out of you... as words, as dance, as song, as tears... Though you may sometimes see this outpouring as murky or undesirable, the vessel takes it all in. It is empty but for that which you give. There is no judgement and no comparison. There is only presence and generosity. What you give flows back to you as a sea of loving roses caressing your skin, melting through your pores and opening your heart to see yourself a bit more for who you truly are.

One such incredible human is Rachel Rossitto. With magical sweetness she knows her art and it is in service to all those who seek it out. She offers roses and love, beauty and an open heart, and the ability to transform a life into one that is deeply desired by the one who is living it.

To be a listener is service that is beautiful to be able to provide. Should we not all aspire to be such listeners so that we may offer this gift to one another? Would relationships not transform into something truly life affirming if we all were able to reciprocate this compassionate skill?

How does one become a listener? The practice can take many roads. Breath. Meditation. Ceremony and ritual. Vision journeys and support from community.

You can find this path in many places. Listen to your body and soul to feel where you are drawn towards.

Maybe you like these words you have just read and wish for more of the same. Then the Book of Magic could be right for you.

Wherever you journey, we hope that you may find yourself. Like the prince of many a fairy tale, we must venture far away to find what we remember to be home. Nobody can tell us the exact path, but there a guides upon our way who know how to listen to our hearts and help us find the answers we need.


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