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Let's make meditation part of your daily life! 

Meditation can seem so boring! You have to sit still, breathe, and keep a straight back (which is definitely not comfortable if you are just starting out). And it’s often so serious! People have this gentle smile on their face like they know something you don’t about the mysteries of life. But not anymore!

I realized, that meditation should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and this is what I am going to help you with this 30 Days Meditation Challenge.  



Join my 30 day Easy, Powerful and Playful meditation challenge to fit your busy schedule, whether you’ve been meditating for years or are a complete beginner. Cleanse your body, activate your breath, and do much more with this daily guided practices! 


I wanted to make sure you would use these meditations in your daily life. That's why I gathered very simple, easy and powerful practices that you can do wherever and whenever. 

Did you know that meditation can be done while sitting on your desk at work? Or while walking in the park and enjoying nature? Or while observing a leaf? 💚

You will be impressed how easy, yet powerful those practices can be. Start to make a change in your life. I will be here to help and support you!

 How it Works


✔️ Each day you will receive easy and fun meditation practices in your inbox that is no more than 5 minutes long! 

✔️ You can either watch a video, listen to audio of each meditation. 

✔️ You can do these practices from anywhere you want, be it your work desk, train, home or a park.


30 different meditation practices in your inbox

Video & audio of the guided meditations 

BONUS package to get you going 


I can guarantee that these meditations will become part of your daily life. Because they are so easy to do.

You just need to listen to yourself and acknowledge the world around you. 

Mostly, small and simple actions make a huge difference. And this is what we are going to do together 💚


Pipaluk is an amazing teacher and guide, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow, heal, and align with themselves and their magic. I resonated originally with her Instagram posts, which inspired me to reach out about doing a year long apprenticeship with her, and I’m so incredibly glad that I did.


It's amazing how practical and useful her meditations are. I have already implemented a few of them in my daily life and my mind is feeling so much better. I am less chaotic than usual 😀


Pipaluk just has been the highlight of my year. I came across her page exactly when I needed to and I found exactly what I needed to find. She has been the most incredible friend and mentor I believe one could ever find.


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*After registration you will have 60 days to complete the challenge. I want to make sure that you really get the results and finish the challenge with me. Let’s do it together!